Do you have a ukulele perspective?

With such a topsy turvy world, a ukulele perspective can really help.  This blog is devoted to insights and viewing the world with a ukulele perspective.

I used to keep a ukulele in my office and when people would call I would pick up the ukulele and strum or pluck softly.  When the callers were stressed and wanted me to fix some part of what had happened to them my ukulele kept me calm.

Once, a caller was almost in tears and stopped talking for a minute and said, “That’s nice music.  What station are you listening to?”  It was my own station.  I told her, “It’s not a station. It’s me playing my ukulele.”

“Really?” she asked disbelievingly.  We then launched into a whole conversation about how much ukuleles cost and why I had one.  Actually I had more than one.  “Really?” she couldn’t believe it. “Why?”

She never did cry. She never really got back into her distress.  Instead we ended the call with her saying she might stop in the music store on the way home and see if they sold these ukulele things.

“Really?” I heard myself asking.  If I ever hear from her again, I  must ask if she bought one.

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