Tabledit Anyone?

Le Petit Rien opened in Tabledit

Over on Classical Tabs for the Ukulele you will find great Tabledit files for learning classical pieces.  Michael’s arrangements are friendly to someone who is learning ukulele. Having the file in Tabledit lets you see notes, tab and listen to midi for hearing how the pieces goes.  Of course, you can print the file and sit in the yard and work it out over iced tea.

Thanks to Michael for working out the classical tabs and sharing them.   Classical music on the ukulele tab can be hard to find on the Web.

Is anyone else out there using Tabledit?  How do you like it?

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One Response to Tabledit Anyone?

  1. Jeff West says:

    Hey – thanks for putting my HumbleUker on your blogroll. I’ll keep checking you out. I haven’t bought Tabledit yet but have been considering it. I am trying to keep my UAAS down. That’s Ukulele Accessory Acquisition Syndrome down. But since I came to playing music late it is a great opportunity to hear the music, or perhaps just a passage, of the music you’re working on. Jeff


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