Langley Ukulele Ensemble

Langley Ukulele Ensemble

I received an update in the e-mail yesterday sharing that the Langley Ukuele Ensemble was in Hawaii right now and I could read about it on their blog.  Ever since I have seen (via the Web) what the program has done and is doing, I am intrigued and envious.  How much of a difference might it have made if I had a program like that when I was in high school?  Or how much of a difference would it make for hundreds of kids in high school right now if they had an affordable and accessible path to music?  In any event, it is a joy to listen to the music of the ensemble and appreciate the discipline it takes to produce.

James Hill came from the Langley group.  If you haven’t checked out his blog and his Web site, Ukulele in the classroom, you must indulge.  During the 2009 Portland Ukefest, James did a great job of leading the ultimate ukulele big band. Thanks to  Jim D’Ville for posting the video.

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