Aldrine’s “Flying Fingers”

oncover_wLast night a Tweet came through with a link to a picture of Aldrine Guerra on the cover of  the Honolulu Advertiser.  Here’s the article.  The article was published 09/09/09 and looks like its generated another 300 hits on his Close to You Tube song with 45,456 hits today.

The adverstiser reads,  “The 25-year-old ‘ukulele dude’s days are wired. Guerrero tweets on Twitter, meets on My Space, has about 9,000 subscribers on his channel, got 45,183 views on his rendition of “Close to You” and if you Google him, you’ll find 680,000 entries.”ontheset_w

He also gets, the article reports,  more than 300,000 hits a month on his  site Ukulele Underground.  Wow. I am one who visits and enjoys the songs he teaches.  It’s a site with a lot going on.  On the advertising side of the site, it has grown really busy with ads.   I remember going to the site when there was one ad on it… once upon a time.

aldrine_hat_wThe Ukulele Underground t-shirts are really nice — not just nice but really nice. The cotton is particularly soft and thin and it is cool in the hottest of weather. Of course the design is cool too.  I bought it when Aldrine and company were on their first tour in California in July 2008.

Aldrine perfomed at Mike DaSilva’s place one Friday night. It was great.  A lot of folks from the Berkeley Ukulele Club were there and it was a good concert.  Aldrine shared one thing he’d learned from Jake Shimabukuro and that was how to get a very fast strum.  It has to do with the way you hold your wrist, but since many of us had our ukes there at the concert, we were able to practice during the break and now use it regularly.

aldrine-guerra_wAldrine has an easygoing air about him and you can tell  he is a good teacher.  He’s approachable and has a disarming sense of humor.   While on stage, he joked with Mike DaSilva about Mike’s hat and asked if Mike ever took it off. This led to Mike returning the  question. When we talked with Aldrine, he said he had gone through Teacher’s college. We were intrigued that he chose to teach via the Web  because it is relatively untravelled ground. More power to him!
iPhone screencapture Honolulu Adv.

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