The Unexpected Ukulele

storeSorting through digital images on the computer can really be a journey .   I found pictures of  our visit to Nashville, Indiana in the summer of 2008.  Walking through the town was fun because we found a music store.

Although I have a case of UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome) after playing a range of instruments in the music store, I walked out with nothing but a set of strings.  That was all I think I could afford.  The real fun began after walking for another 7 minutes; we turned a corner and there was an inauspicious sign. Wow, ukuleles!shippingjenny

I’d forgotten Bushman Ukulele had a store in Nashville, even though I’d read about it on the Web.  When I walked in, ukuleles were everywhere.  This place seemed mostly a hub for shipping to everywhere —  France, Switzerland and Ukraine to name a few of the countries we saw on the labels.

We met Hoosier Hiver (whose escapades with the bees and ukuleles I had watched on YouTube).  Here he was — in person — prepping Bushman ukes.

Hoosier Hiver prepares ukes for shipping around the world.

Hoosier Hiver prepares ukes for shipping around the world.

After he explained all that they did in a day,  I asked him, “What is the walk-in special today?”  Was I surprised when he dashed off and returned five minutes later with two uke-options as an answer.

When we finally left the store, I was beaming and the proud owner of a new Jenny tenor Bushman with Aquila strings.  My first (and only) tenor ukulele produces a sound that pleases.  Part of my delight was the fact that I could afford the special.  Although I may have UAS, I didn’t say I could afford it.

Hoosier Hiver  has since left Bushman ukuleles and now owns his own company, Mainland Ukes.  My best to  him and his ukulele ventures.  He probably doesn’t know how much he made my day — an unexpected ukulele.

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