Ukuleles on College Campuses


Marco, of the thundering herd, likely isn't fingerpicking. Could he get the clawhammer technique?

Over on Ukulelia blog there’s mention of the Marshall University advertisement that features a student playing his Marshall green ukulele by the fountain with Marshall mascot, Marco. The fountain in the background is an on-campus memorial for  the Marshall football team that died in a plane crash in 1970.  You may have seen the movie, “We are Marshall” (2006).

While the green, Marshall-color ukuleles are an interesting touch, the larger statement here is apparently it is very cool to be seen with and actually play a ukulele on a college campus.  I met a high school student this past summer who told me that it is also cool to play the ukulele at her high school.  She said her friends sit in the halls  and will play their ukes between classes.

Are you amazed and pleased?  The ukulele has passed into a further stage where it is not only accepted but loved by all generations.  Increasingly, it is featured and gets to play a role in mainstream media.

The brightly colored Mahalo ukes may soon become a staple of college spirit — at least on the Marshall campus.   I will admit to having my own brightly-university-color ukulele.

Go Ukulele !

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One Response to Ukuleles on College Campuses

  1. howtoplaytheukulele says:

    This is very cool. Maybe soon we’ll start seeing ESPN anchors with college-labelled ukes leading up to Saturday gamedays. Anyway, you’ve hit the main point, which is that it’s now accepted and even fashionable to be young AND play the ukulele. Fantastic.

    Happy Plucking!


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