Photographing Progress to Gain Perspective

One of the podcasts I have started to listen to is Fretboard Journal’s “talk-radio-podcast” (as they call it).  You can either download and listen via iTunes or click the link on BlogTalkRadio.  Episode 17 showcases an interview with luthier  Frank Ford of and Gryphon Stringed instruments.  While the audio quality and uneven sound levels of the podcast leave much to be desired, I really wanted to hear the content.  I enjoyed the Q&A with Frank whose ukulele Web pages on I referenced once to get help fixing a bridge that popped off my rugged travel ukulele.

Mahogany necks in various stages.

Mahogany necks in various stages.

But while listening to the interview, the big point for me was Frank’s advice to aspiring luthiers.  He said you should start taking pictures of your work as soon as possible.  You can’t start too soon to chronicle your work, your failures, and successes.

This comment stood out because earlier in the day I had been working on sanding bridges and necks.  A friend suggested I take pictures of the stages as I worked on my cigarbox ukuleles.

“Really?”  I said, “I think I am too caught up in making them to step back and take pictures.”

But of course, if you can step back, you will also have a sense of perspective.

Having heard the suggestion twice in one day confirmed what I needed to do.   Thanks to my photographer-friend, I now have a start to photographs of my progress.

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