Cigar Box Ukuleles getting ready for show


In another few weeks, I’ll be putting my cigar box ukuleles up on the wall for a show at a local restaurant.  The past couple of days I’ve been outside sanding and perfecting the necks.

My photographer friend has some rather artistic shots of the necks in the bright sunlight.

The weather has been beautiful for working outside — a cool 83 F and the humidity is dropping to less than tropical.

Initially I was going to put Sitka Spruce on the tops of all the cigar boxes, but then I realized that probably people would like some of the cool “Punch” and “Cohiba” boxes as they are.  So only a few will have Spruce tops.


I’ve been collecting the cigar boxes for more than a year. When I get over to St. Petersburg every once in a while, there is a great restaurant the Columbia at the end of the pier.  The meals are great and they often have an empty cigar box or two.

Then there is Ybor City nearby.  Some great cigar shops line the streets.  Ironically I am not fond of cigar smoke.

But the boxes are cool.

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