Zombies, Ukulele = Zombie Boogie

Zombies:  I am NOT an expert.  But there’s been a lot of discussion about Zombie preparedness this past week at my alma mater.swampzombie2

After I’d hoped not to read another story about Zombie epidemic preparation plans, “Mad Tea Party” released their “Zombie Boogie” album.   You can listen to Zombie Boogie — complete with Ami Worthen aka Ukulele Rockstar on ukulele.  What’s interesting also is that you can buy it as ” … a collectible 33 rpm 7” vinyl EP with an artistic, disturbing letterpress cover.”

Cover for Mad Tea Party's Latest Release

Cover for Mad Tea Party's Latest Release

It brings to mind Jonathan Coulton’s 2006  Zombie song which  John Rockwell shared via ukulele.

One of the things I like about Coulton is that he quit his programming job to try making a living at doing something he loves — and he made it work.  I really like the version of Code Monkey with the ukulele which Kristen (the Doifter) contributed to the ukulele world of music back in 2006.

Let me repeat, I know little of zombies (except for a few songs about them) and hope to keep it that way.  It has to do with keeping a sense of perspective.

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3 Responses to Zombies, Ukulele = Zombie Boogie

  1. Jeff West says:

    Hi. The last line on that Outliers post said click the title. So just click the heading and it’ll take you to the interview. I tested it just moments ago. JW/HU


  2. Lisa Hatfield has an action plan just in case the zombies ever do attack: http://www.uketoob.com/2009/10/07/lisa-hatfield-meet-you-at-menards/


  3. Thanks so much for the shout out!


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