More work on Cigarbox Ukuleles

polycrylic_clearToday I measured and decided on the soundholes for the cigarbox ukuleles. The decision: one or two soundholes.

By later afternoon, the soundholes were cut, and the boxes sanded and weatherproofed with clear polycrylic.  The polycrylic, after light 320 grit sanding, makes a beautiful smooth finish.

It was a beautiful day out today.  I really didn’t notice the 91 F heat until sweat dropped onto one of the box lids.  I’m not at all complaining.  It was wonderful. Sorry for the family who think it will snow for them later this week.soundholes

Thank-you to my photographer
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One Response to More work on Cigarbox Ukuleles

  1. Jeff West says:

    I like the way your links POP-UP. Wow that’s cool! Love the Cigar Boxes too. HU


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