Canadian Thanksgiving & the Golden Ukulele


Golden Ukulele

Golden Ukulele


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving.  Later, in November, is American Thanksgiving.  I celebrate both.

There is much to be thankful for, including ukuleles and the perspective they bring.

Yesterday at dusk, when we finished a short walk in a hammock (they are like forests but called hammocks), I pulled my ukulele out of the car and set it by  a tree.  It was going to be a cool photograph.

As I took the first picture, sunlight threaded through the Spanish moss and trees to turn the ukulele into gold.

I couldn’t say it any better.

Addendum: Michael has a great celebration piece for the occasion

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3 Responses to Canadian Thanksgiving & the Golden Ukulele

  1. Your picture is really nice, the light on the ukulele is just perfect.
    I’ve made really nice pictures of my ukes in the vineyards too. Ukes are definitely inspiring :)


  2. Michael says:

    Very nice photograph and comment: “There is much to be thankful for, including ukuleles and the perspective they bring.” My feeling exactly!


  3. Jeff West says:

    Very sweet. Victoria Vox says she plays her ukulele WHILE driving. She says it’s okay because her windows are tinted. I hope she’s joking. I once brought my uke to an auto shop while getting new tires. I went outside on the bench, nice morning sunlight and played John King’s Hene arrangement. The tire guy walked by and said he enjoyed the song. A guy came out of the office and said his family had played the ukulele in Hawaii. BTW Hene can be found with several other songs on JK ukulele solos and duets book, or for a tidbit go to the Berkeley Ukulele Club Song Book online at Mike DaSilva’s web site. HU


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