John Kavanaugh


John Kavanaugh

John Kavanaugh is a person I wanted to meet.  

I loved the music he played on the baritone ukulele and I had purchased some of his music on iTunes.  I’d followed some of his writing on the Web and when I found out he was scheduled to teach at the Portland Ukefest 09 this past summer, I was excited. I would get to meet him.  But he died unexpectedly before then. I was stunned and saddened, as was the ukulele community. He was 49. 

He was working on a CD that was to be available for the ukefest and it looks like that CD is available posthumously.  I will be ordering it.  Perhaps this is the meeting we would have had in Portland.

My deepest sympathy to his family and friends and the ukulele community. He is missed.

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