Ukulele Oranges

Guess what time of year it is in Florida?

You can walk around the neighborhood and see oranges and grapefruits dripping off the trees in the neighbors’ backyards.

This is very different from the snow at this time of year where I used to live.

You can also buy oranges that are larger than you typically see in the grocery store.

But on a sadder note, the orange is getting smaller and we’re having trouble with bacteria in the state.  This year’s orange crop is predicted to be the smallest in the past 15 years.

Did you know that Florida is the second the largest producer of oranges in the world?  Brazil is number one.

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2 Responses to Ukulele Oranges

  1. T.C. Perkins says:

    We used to buy oranges from FL but this last year we tried them from Arizona and they were amazing! I love the smell of the orange blossoms blooming! Nothing compares!


    • Man says:

      Hey thanks for ptiutng my HumbleUker on your blogroll. I’ll keep checking you out. I haven’t bought Tabledit yet but have been considering it. I am trying to keep my UAAS down. That’s Ukulele Accessory Acquisition Syndrome down. But since I came to playing music late it is a great opportunity to hear the music, or perhaps just a passage, of the music you’re working on. Jeff


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