Wealth of Tabledit Tabs for ukulele

Over on Des Cordes et du Bois (Strings and Wood) are a wealth of Tabledit Tabs for ukulele that are great fun to download, play, listen and edit.  The latest tab posted is O Tannenbaum and in previous posts you’ll find Jingle Bells and some other Christmas tabs.

If you have the program Tabledit, you can play and add adding other parts.  If you don’t have Tabledit, you can download the tef player for free.  As well, there are pdf files of the ukulele tabs, but I really enjoy being able to listen, edit and play. The beauty of Tabledit is that you can change the speed of playback and try to play along with the piece — as you need to do for my current favorite tabs for fingerpicking exercise by Mauro Guiliani or  Carulli’s Andante .

While the site is mostly written in French, there is also English. And, music is a universal language.  Once you start to hear the song in Tabledit you’ll recognize it.  Even songs you don’t recognize are delightful versions.

Should you want to get more engaged with Tabledit, there are some good tutorials to help.

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1 Response to Wealth of Tabledit Tabs for ukulele

  1. Humble Uker says:

    Thanks Judy. I like your ukulele perspective. Tabledit is on my list. I like the fact that you can slow a piece down and work on your fingering skills. I have been working on Ken Middleton’s Blackberry Blossom wich is in swing time. Does Tabledit have the ability to also play in swing time? Jeff HU


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