Warmer Perspective

Gators sunning. Yes we are on trail. They are not in a cage but in the wild.

A short hike out on the La Chua trail in Paynes Prairie under the winter sun led to some good photos.  We went to see the Sandhill Cranes and hear their wonderful call, but I didn’t get too many good pictures of the cranes.

There were a few gators out on the path but not as many as sometimes. On a good day, they look like piles of old car tires stacked on the bank by the water warming their skins.  Usually we see one or two baby gators the size of your arm with their tiny teeth that could take off a finger. But not today.  And yes, for those who can’t believe we just walk past gators on the ground (albeit from a somewhat safe distance), this is neither Disney nor a zoo. This is Florida where gators are part of the natural habitat.

A closer view of gator

From the blue heron to the sunning gators, there were warming views.  Quite a few blue herons were on the path today.

Great blue heron

Make no mistake, we were in our winter coats.  It is still cold, but there is blue sky and unfrozen water with hunters of small fish and insects, such as the bittern, taking advantage of the warming sunshine.

Least Bittern

I would have taken my ukulele and composed a song out on the lookout at the end of the trail.  The views, gators, and birds are inspiring. But today I needed to take my camera instead. You can see why.

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