Bald Eagles, Ospreys and Ukuleles

Honeymoon Island State Park has an interesting history.  It was so named because in the 1940s couples were encouraged to visit the island for their honeymoon. Unfortunately the beach was rocky and not too idyllic looking, so lots of money was spent to bring in sand and cover the rocks.

You can see in the picture to the right what erosion does.

There are wonderful seashells on this shore.  Shiny olives, conchs, tulips, whelks and lots of turbans.  And there are trails in the park which are great to watch the Ospreys build their nests in December then have their young by January.


A few stops in the park found me with my ukulele picking the songs that attract the birds.  Yes, I use the ukulele to attract song birds in parks (or my backyard).  There is something about certain songs, usually fingerpicked songs, on the ukulele that attract the mockingbird, carolina wren, and warblers such as the palm, pine and yellow-rumped warbler.  I can bring out the songbirds with the ukulele then take some great photos of them.  Some people use bird whistles.  I use a ukulele.

Osprey dining on fish. It will eat half then take the remaining half to its mate in the nest.

But it was far too cold today.  Only a puffy mockingbird turned its head sideways to listen.  But then it flew away indicating it was far too cold to sing. It was then I noticed how sluggish my cold fingers grew on the strings.

But the Osprey Trail was well worth the walk.  There were several ospreys in their nests, dining on fish, and flying overhead bragging about their latest catch.

Bald Eagle guarding nest

The treat was at the end of the trail — a bald eagle nest.  The parents stood guard over two eaglets.  I looked for the fuzzy bald heads of the eaglets but could not see them.  One parent stood on a branch and the other parent stood on the edge of the nest.

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