Rattlesnake Blues

Rattlesnake Blues (1929) by Charlie Patton comes to mind but I’ll admit I don’t know the words to the song and certainly can’t play it on my ukulele.  In fact, trying to find the words on the Web has been difficult and I have yet to succeed.

After a conference this past weekend, I needed some fresh air.  It was bitter cold (24 F) at the state Park outside of Clearwater, Florida.  Few birds were out even though the sky was blue.

This sign was new.  Not that I haven’t seen very large rattlesnakes on the island on previous visits.  Once, as I turned the car around a corner to a parking lot, there was a diamond back rattler stretched across the one-lane roadway.   To say it was huge would be an understatement. It looked like an enormous boa constrictor (the kind you see in bad movies) except that my friend got a great photo of the rattle on the tail end of  the diamondback pattern.

The sign that greets you at the beginning of the park suggests that the snakes are an issue now and warrant some warning for tourists.

The sign, my photo, and rattlesnake experiences suggest a Rattlesnake Ukulele Blues should be written for hikers.  Maybe … but I guess I’d better get the work done first.

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