Olympic Buskers: Any Ukuleles?

Uke Busker in Bath (2005)

How do you find out if busking is legal where you live, I asked.  My friend had not heard the word “busking” before.  “Ah, you mean street performers,” was the response.

How interesting a development for Buskers in British Columbia with the coming Olympics.  The recent discussion is to increase payment the transportation line pays SOCAN so buskers can perform in the stations.  But the buskers pay a fee — $50 or $75 to be able to busk.

The range of online materials from how to be a street performer to Busker Central to the guidelines for performing in the subways of New York to busker advocates illustrates how much the Web can educate on a topic that was never in the “B” encyclopedia  I perused as a youth.  Imagine if the Busker’s Bible on Busker World had been available in our teen years!

I wonder about virtual busking. What happens when a busker such as the foot guitarist playing makes it on to YouTube — should he have a PayPal button for virtual donations?

There are always photos of performers like the ukulele busker photo from Bath (2005). Is that a real chimpanzee on the street?

But back to the olympics — isn’t it amazing how the Olympics will impact the busker’s life?

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2 Responses to Olympic Buskers: Any Ukuleles?

  1. Ron Hale says:

    The chimp reportedly is quite good. The photo is of him

    performing his version of Build Me Up Buttercup, and rumor has him in

    negotiations to duet with Bette Midler on his original song,

    Why in the World (Would You Want To), an answer to Dent

    May’s, You Can’t Force a Dance Party.


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