Pocket Ukulele or Sopranino?

Kala pocket uke beside soprano

Apparently there’s a new size ukulele that appeared at NAMM this year?  Kala has a pocket ukulele.  Is it smaller than the Ohana sopranino or is it Kala’s answer to the sopranino?

I love my Ohana sopranino, although I have loaned it to my sister right now.  Hopefully she will enjoy it as much as I miss playing it.

The pocket uke appears playable but I wonder if it has the same volume of the sopranino.

According to the YouTube video, it isn’t going to be available for purchase until the end of February or mid-March.

Sopranino Cigarbox Ukulele

I wish I could see it beside the Ohana sopranino to see how much smaller it is, if it is.  You have to wonder what the scale on the neck is like.  Will frets 10 and 12 be so small that you can’t move?

I built a sopranino-sized cigar box ukulele. It is quite cute and has a pretty good sound for being so small. I am changing strings after changing the tuners on it, but here’s a pic at the moment.

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One Response to Pocket Ukulele or Sopranino?

  1. Ron Hale says:

    Off topic, but if you’ll indulge me a bit here –

    The other day Al Wood mentioned on Ukulele Hunt
    that Warner Music Group had muscled YouTube to close
    the account of uker Sebi for committing the high crime of
    posting videos covering, yes, Covering, Red Hot Chili Pepper songs.
    Sebi opened a new account and put up two videos explaining
    the situation and exposing WMG for the fools that they are.
    There are links to the two new videos on Al’s blog entry for today (Sunday, 1/24). This is something ukers should be aware of.


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