February Album Writing Month: What have we got ourselves into …

Three of the Ukulele Perspective readers have signed up for FAWM – February Album Writing Month. Maybe there are more of you.  All of us are wondering what we have ourselves in for.

One thing to note are the interesting fora/forums to read on the FAWM Website.

If you are looking for ideas for songs, one thread suggests that taking headlines from the newspaper can inspire songs.  Afterall, some argue the Beatles gleaned a few songs from this technique.  As examples,  “Happiness is a Warm Gun where most of the opening portions of the song are based on stories Lennon and McCartney read in the news”  or  ” A Day In The Life.”  As Tay writes, “All of John’s sections – ‘I read the news today’ – are from two stories in the paper – one about a socialite killing himself in a car accident, and the other about a council survey of holes in roads in Blackburn, Lancashire.”

Someone recommended Joe Jencks “Songwriting as Journalism” Workshops.

The FAWM wiki has an array of terms developed over the years.  A feast, for example, is the writing and recording a large number of songs (possibly even an entire album) in one sitting. The results are often titled [something]feast, after thePigfeast album which started the trend in 2008.

Or how about  Telephono – A songwriting equivalent of the classic game. TC Elliot explains: You listen to a song once and then you have to record your version of the said song. Compare the first to the last and you’ll be mightily impressed with the difference… much like the school bus game where one person whispers a word once to the next and so on till it gets back to the first person. Usually VERY different from start to finish.

I guess once we start February, we will all be grasping at rhymes, t-shirt slogans or any inspiration we can see or find.  A friend said to me after offering an idea for a song, “Just you wait. You will think this idea is gold after the first week.”  No doubt.  The pressure is mounting.  I have only one idea in my head on this very day.

We are told, on reading the Twitter-thread in the forum that ideas for songs will be tweeted daily.  Another thread suggests that everyone take a common first verse (I wonder who will write it) and then all who are interested will create variations on the theme.  That could prove to be very interesting.

There was, yesterday, a thread in the forum that someone started encouraging all the ukulele players in the FAWM to unite and write ukulele songs.  The thread in the forum had an acronym that I see has been removed today.  Wonder what happened to the ukulele players who were gathered there.

Best of luck to all who are in there: Ukulelear, Gywnthesizer, and Greatblueheron.  And if there are more ukulele players in FAWM perhaps we could generate a 4 string concert.  Maybe?

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