Can a cat play the Ukulele?

In response to Humble Uker’s post with the cat photo, I cannot help but mention the most amazing, unbelievable and musical cat I have ever seen — Nora.  Her fame is unrivaled.

Nora, yes the cat, has recently released her own iPhone App so you can follow her blog “Nora’s Mews“.  You can follow her on Twitter, check out her Web site, buy Nora t-shirts, watch numerous Nora performances on YouTube videos, or watch her perform the CATcerto with Mindaugas Piecaitis, Lithuanian conductor.  If you have not watched the CATcerto it is a treat. I guarantee you’ve not seen or heard anything like it before.

Nora’s story, written as only a cat can write, is a great read.  I would imagine by now, after seeing her growing list of awards, accomplishments, and performances that she may be close to becoming independently wealthy.  She has likely always been independent, but the latter is a bonus.

To that end, I have wondered if a cat could or would play the ukulele.  Imagine the future of a cat with a ukulele perspective!

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