Mighty Uke Documentary

I stumbled on Brenda’s (from Portland) post about her viewing the Mighty Uke Documentary.  This in turn led to checking out if I could buy the DVD to see it or what it would take to get the tour to come south to Florida.  Truth be told, I’d rather buy the DVD and watch it in the comfort of the couch and good company.  That’s because I would probably want to play the ukulele immediately after the viewing or just cast a glance slyly at some of my favorite ukuleles that would be gathered to watch the DVD with us.  The trailer is peppy.  I want to see this.  Has anybody else in addition to Brenda seen this documentary?

Back to Brenda’s post.  She expressed so well what so many of us know, “The thing that really struck me was how happy everyone seemed to be playing the uke. It doesn’t seem to inspire the kind of angst you get with music lessons on more traditional instruments — it just seems like fun.”  She continues, “In fact, that enthusiasm was the striking thing about all the groups and performers — the uke seems to inspire it.”

I hope Brenda gets a ukulele.  She would like it and all that she has observed is true.  The ukulele bestows to its players a perspective that is different. Of course, I call it the ukulele perspective.

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2 Responses to Mighty Uke Documentary

  1. brenda clark says:

    I don’t know if I’ll get a uke or not — but if I were going to get any instrument it would be on the list!

    Hope you get to see the film — definitely worth it.



  2. Hi there,
    Margaret Meagher here, producer of MIGHTY UKE.
    Thanks for posting our trailer and for your kindly remarks.
    The DVD isn’t ready for release yet, but we’re touring the US and Canada for the next few months with the MIGHTY UKE ROADSHOW, which presents the film along with live performances featuring, among others, ukulele virtuoso James Hill, and ends with a strum-along.
    If you can’t make it, the DVD will be released by summer.
    Thanks again,
    PS. I think Brenda should get a uke too!


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