Ukulele, Sapele, Knitting, Ukeblogs

Sapele board for ukulele building

Every once in a while it is a luxury to take time to sit and read the great ukulele sites that are on the Web.  Reclined in my lazygirl chair, feet up, drink in hand, laptop on the chair arm, and cat in the lap.  It was a good break.  I had been cutting to size my recently acquired 5 board feet of Sapele mahogany.  Time for a break.

You probably know how you can move from topic to topic through the blogs.  I started with Jeff’s Humble Uker blog watching and listening to all the great videos he’s found in the past week or so.  This, then, inspired me to pick up my own uke for a few strums.

Jeff pointed out a new blog, UkeLainie.  A few uke strums and cheers to Elaine who has embarked on her 100-day journey.

As I read Elaine’s blog she refers to another knitter who also recently bought a ukulele.  I don’t knit, but  the story of selling wool to buy a new ukulele was great.  There’s even pictures where you could see how much wool it took to buy the ukulele with the better tone.

Elaine’s links led me to rediscover the Ukalaliens.  I am curious how they are doing and wondered when Elaine said she was going to attend their songbook workshop but then it didn’t run.  Are the Ukalaliens based in Portland?

I read E’s link to the news article in the Hamilton Spectator .  My cousins used to live in Hamilton. This led me to ‘Google” the Dundas ukulele couple, Norm and Elayne Ruplen who own the store “String Along Ukulele”.  Seeing Norm and Elayne’s photos from the Portland Ukefest reminded me, I need to post my photos.

One of the photos was of Jim D’Ville’s 3 chord sing along one night. He was great. After a day of learning, meeting people, and generally being with your ukulele all day it was nice to have a fun, easier on the brain, lesson.  This is the same Jim with the blog Play Uke by Ear and he has started his Australian Tour today.

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3 Responses to Ukulele, Sapele, Knitting, Ukeblogs

  1. Jean — You are so eloquent. I am just a prodder. Liked reading about FAWN and I am trying to break out a song and post a video. Thanks for mentioning HU.


  2. Jean, when are you goining to break out the song and video?


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