Ukulele Wake Up

In an article today (Feb. 23) about Bluegrass Revival in Bowling Green, KY. there was mention of people looking for ukuleles. This in turn leads us to a great song, but first the article’s notice of the ukulele.


“At the Tone Shop on Fairview Avenue, owner Derrick Young said he has not noticed a boost in general bluegrass sales, but one instrument has sparked a lot of recent attention.

“It’s been crazy this past week — several people have come in looking for ukuleles,” he said. “Even little, young girls are looking for ukuleles. That’s thrown me off a little bit.”

On a Friday afternoon, a couple ventured into Kentucky Music in search of a ukulele.

Young said sometimes, when an instrument is featured in a popular song or movie, it creates interest. For example, a new song by the band Train features the ukulele, which could be the root of the current demand.”


Hmmm.  I wonder if it is just Train.  Do you think it could be more than that?  Of course it is.  The UP attitude continues to grow.  UP = Ukulele Perspective.

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