Perspective: Ukuleles at Work

Every once in a while I take time to look at what comes up in my Google Reader for a read of all “ukulele” related listings.  It’s like a snapshot of where the ukulele surfaces in the world at any given moment in time.

Adel is a model

Some days there is not much, other days it is, well, interesting.

Today, the latest post was about Adel, who it turns out is a model in London, England.  He likes to play the ukulele and played, I assume, while on the set for a shoot.  This posted on the blogspot blog, “An Ordinary Handbag“.

It took me a minute to sort all this out, because the Google listing was “An ordinary handbag: Adel likes to play the ukulele”.

Now we might conclude Adel takes his ukulele to work.  I bet a lot of people take their ukulele to work.  I have one at work, in my car, and in many a room in the house.

How about you?  Would you be willing to share your story about taking your ukulele to work?  E-mail me with your story at ukulele.perspective(at-use the @ sign)  If you have a picture of your ukulele at work, would you be willing to send that too?  With your permission you could be in print.

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2 Responses to Perspective: Ukuleles at Work

  1. Taking a ukulele at work is definitely not on in France.
    I can’t imagine the reactions of my colleagues if I were to do that !
    I’d probably get fired right away !

    So I guess it’s a cultural thing. Most French people have this silly notion that in order to work efficiently you must look and act very serious throughout the workday.

    You are lucky to be able to take your uke to work !


    • UP says:

      Really — I would think art and music are so valued in France that all forms of music would be appreciated. What do you do in France for a break during work?


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