Do Millennials Ukulele? Is Ukulele Millennial?

The Pew Research Center has a very quick short survey “How Millennial Are You?

It’s only 14 questions and takes you away from only 3 strums on your ukulele.  If you want to view a video on Millennial Generation or read the Pew Report, these are interesting too.  I don’t think either the video or report mention ukuleles, but my students (who are Millennials) are often intrigued by the ukulele.

This made me start thinking about how Millennial are Ukulele players in general or, how Ukulele are Millennials, in general?

I don’t have enough data to determine this just yet,  but if you take the quiz and are willing to share you score (either in email to ukulele.perspective(@) or post it in a response to this post) we may be able to determine the answer to the question.

I would anticipate we might find that a ukulele perspective traverses all generations.

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