Ukulelear’s Stargirl

Congrats to Kyle who’s created “Stargirl” for FAWM. Head on over to his blog to hear Stargirl and read the liner notes.  Very catchy song.

I wonder if Kyle’s ukulele group has seen the SchoolTube video contest.  I’ve watched some videos of the group and I think they could do it.  But then maybe they’d all want to win more ukuleles…

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4 Responses to Ukulelear’s Stargirl

  1. Ukulelear says:

    Thank you for the kind words for “StarGirl”. That was a song created in panic… I keep checking greatblueheron to see a song pop up – Florida’s nature… We had a snow day today – I could use a little sound of Florida :)


    • UP says:

      Ah — I applaud you. It is cold down here and when I find a minute I work on my pecan neck cigar box ukulele I am trying. The pecan is really pretty (I bought it in Georgia) but a very heavy wood. So the neck will be extra small and thin to keep it light. But sadly I have not yet recorded a song. And the songs with words are not about birds but work. :-(


  2. Ukulelear says:

    And I didn’t know about the SchoolTube contest, thanks!


  3. Ukulelear says:

    Love to see some pictures of your uke in progress, maybe you posted some and I missed it.
    Hey, let’s see if we can do this again next year – how about a two song challenge? :)

    All the best,


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