Ukulele Tabs for Tab Toolkit: Mauro Giuliani

Tab Toolkit for the iPhone was updated around Feb. 17 or so.  I am even more impressed with this program.

All kinds of tweaks (such as locking down the landscape view to name only one) make it even better and handier.  I’m on a quest for tabs in the appropriate format (gp5) to upload to my iPhone for those spontaneous ukulele moments.  As I find the tabs, I’ll share them here.

Now you can have more than one track play at once. You can change the instrument  that’s playing the piece right on your iPhone.  I’ve found it rather fun to change the voice of the main track  to strings, harp, Aah, or synth and then play the ukulele.  It’s like having choir  accompaniment.

Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)

A while back I was taken with learning Mauro Giuliani’s fingerpicking exercise posted as Tabledit and PDF for the ukulele on Des Cordes et du bois.

It is a lively piece and enough of a workout that it is taking longer to master.  So I converted it to the requisite gp5 (GuitarPro) format to use with Tab Toolkit.  While I was at it, I also converted a Giuliani Allegretto.  Download two gp5 files zipped here.

In perusing the Web for info (and tabs) by Mauro Giuliani I stumbled onto the terz guitar — apparently Giuliani wrote extensively for this smaller guitar.  It looks to be the size of a baritone ukulele to me as shown in this article on Sting’s terz guitar.

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