Ukuleles in Paradise: Sopranino can hike

Paradise Inn at Mt. Rainier

This past July I was blessed to visit Paradise.  That’s one of the places when you visit Mt. Rainier.

I had just come from the Portland Ukulele Festival and we had a trunk full of ukuleles that we were going to sit around and play in the lodge after a full day of hiking, taking photos, and generally wandering through the waist- high snow on some trails.

Sunrise view at 4:00 a.m. from a room in Paradise

Our days were full and as it turned out after supper we made it through a game of scrabble and warming our feet by the fire.  The ukuleles rested as much as we needed to.

But I did take my new Ohana sopranino on a hike in the snow to an overlook where I composed and sang a song to the Nisqually Glacier.

The sopranino has a loud but beautiful tone.  We were the only ones at the lookout (having hiked on slippery snow that must have been more than 4 ft. high) and there was a bit of an echo if you sat on the stone wall at the edge of the cliff.  Strumming something so small at the edge of something so large can really take your breath away. Now there’s a sense of perspective.

As we were driving out of Paradise and out of Mt. Rainier National Park I wondered aloud if we might play ukueles in heaven.  All the pictures of heaven show harps.  Harps can be very large and cumbersome.  But the sopranino is light, small, portable and just right for  Nisqually, Rainier, and Paradise.

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