Automatic Strumming Machine on Ukulele

One of the videos posted on Facebook for the National Play Your Ukulele Day is of Juel Ulven who played, as he writes it, “Henry Thomas’s ‘Buldoze Blues’ in the kitchen (with one hand ;^)”

He’s not joking. He forms the chord with his left hand and an automatic strumming mechanism on the uke does the other part.  Clever.  He said he’s building it for a friend.

He also wrote, ” It’s foot driven so you just tap your foot and away you go!  This is the only ‘song’ I’ve ever played on uke or otherwise and it was just done on a whim to demo “the machine” for my friend.”

I’d link to the video but it appears it’s only in Facebook and unless you’re in Facebook, you won’t be able to see it.  So here’s a screen grab instead. Update as of May 4 — Jule’s has posted the video on YouTube because of the many requests he’s  had.

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