Inhatko tests iPad recording with Ukulele — iUke?

One of the podcasts I listen to regularly is Macbreak Weekly.  Leo Laporte usually has several guests on the show that he constantly interrupts  but one of the enjoyable regulars is Andy Inhatko, technology columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times.  For whatever reason, Laporte doesn’t interrupt Andy too often. And that allows the listener to absorb what Andy’s saying.   Andy’s technology sensibilities and reviews are always worth the listen.  And, aside from enjoying his perspective, I know he plays the ukulele.

He has a USB ukulele called the “iUke” which I have tried to find out more about — to no avail.  The article about the iUke is dated July, 2005.  And since there’s been no news.  Five years is a long wait.

Andy’s pick for the latest “MacBreak Weekly” was the recording device built in to the iPad.  He’s uploaded a demo on his blog worth taking a listen that he recorded using his iUke.  He’s got it. Wonder if he’ll do a special recording for UP.

The sound recorded is good quality ukulele.  Makes you know that the iPad will make a great companion for the uke-on-the-road.  Mixer, backup,  looper, and more as the apps are built.

Now that does something to a sense of perspective…

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