Send Ukulele strummin and singin to Bossarocker

Lou of Bossarocker will be doing a ukulele show on Chorlton Arts Radio which is running in association with Chorlton Arts Festival, 17-30th May.

The festival celebrates the creativity of the community in South Manchester providing a platform for local artists as well as featuring internationally know artists. This year marks the festival’s tenth anniversary & the first year that it has had its own radio station. Lou’s ukulele shows will broadcast on Wed 19th May & Wed 26th May, 7-8pm UK time.

Since the idea is to feature as many artists possible Bossarocker set up a Dropbox on Soundcloud where ukesters can upload their tracks to  be played on the show. Send a bit of info about yourself. It’s open to anyone, any style of music, anything goes.

You can find more info at this post on Lou’s  blog.

Lou, a musician based in Manchester who’s concentrated on writing songs on the ukulele for more than a year, also sings & plays uke with Paula Darwish & The Country & Eastern Band.

I hope Lou will record the session and post it on the Web so we in other countries could hear how it went.  Best of luck, Lou.

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2 Responses to Send Ukulele strummin and singin to Bossarocker

  1. Bossarocker says:

    Thanks again for the support! I’ve had an amazing response so far but I still need more music for the second show. Big thanks to everyone who’s got involved so far.

    People can listen live online via the Chorlton Arts Radio website but I will probably put them up online somewhere afterwards too.


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