Ukulele Perspective: Sands of time

Yesterday was time for a break and a little bit of perspective.

I went to the beach without my ukulele and with just a book.

The truth of the matter was that the wind and waves were so strong and loud that you wouldn’t have been able to hear the gentle ukulele.  Since it wasn’t a weekend there was not much of a crowd at the beach, but it was a beautiful day.

Although the water was not too cold, the red flags of riptides were up.  The surfers and parasails were out.

We went to the beach to get a look at it while it is still relatively untainted.  And we went to tell the birds to stay on this side of the coast.  If they head to the Gulf of Mexico, the other side of Florida, there is much to fear — oil and other slick lies.

Of course there are some who predict that the Gulf oil spill will go around Florida and in to the Atlantic.  What a horrifying situation that would be.  It’s horrifying enough as it is.

The sands of time will tell.

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