Why not Ukulele String Jewelery?

An interesting post about guitar string jewellery from bracelets to necklaces on the Spike It! blog.

I stumbled on this post and then looked at some other posts in the blog.

From the crustacean-themed shoes (Is that an innocent armadillo?) to a surprise linking to a Glog of unusual hair styles (yes, Glog.) it has taken me a few minutes to  remember I was writing a blog post about the potential of ukulele string jewelery.

After seeing the guitar string jewelery I would think ukulele strings would be kinder to the jeweler than guitar strings.

No sharp steel  ends to stab one’s wrist; no inflexible coils of coils — just some flexible nylgut.  We’re sticking to re-entrant (high G) strings for soprano, concert or tenor — no low G or wound strings.

No need to use black electrical tape to bind the strings but rather with ukulele strings you could bind with a contrasting brown Worth string to the lovely white Aquilas.

Creative alternatives such as braiding some clear Martins with white Aquilas and brown Worths with black D’Addario strings could have you strumming to the tune of a $25 bracelet.  But it would be a special ukulele string bracelet.   And if you use the strings first, you have only time to add to determine the cost of your ukelet.

Unless you’re Ralph Shaw who wants his ukukele strings to last forever, you could sport ukrings (earrings), a ukelet (anklet) and  a fine nukelace within a couple of years.  If you have more than one ukulele, you could be wearing your strings sooner.

Strum those strings. Buy a second uke, string up with the new and proudly wear the old.

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2 Responses to Why not Ukulele String Jewelery?

  1. Woodshed says:

    KoAloha used to make some very nice coloured ukulele strings. They would have worked a treat.


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