Cigarbox Ukulele Olivia

Olivia, a cigarbox ukulele I built in 2009, is now on a mission. I will leave her at the top of a mountain when I hike there soon.

She will be in a rustic lodge on top of the mountain. I won’t just leave her sitting out in the fir trees and rain.

She will be there for hikers to pick up, strum, sing, gain strength and then continue on their way. Right now the lodge has an older Martin guitar but it needs a ukulele. Olivia has a rustic look that will fit right in.

I hiked up the mountain with a cigarbox ukulele last year. I meant to leave it at the top. But on the journey I grew attached to its beautiful cedar soundboard and half-moon inlays on the fretboard.

I took pictures of it, played it on the mountaintop, grew very fond of its sound and couldn’t part with one of the first cigarbox ukes I’d made. So I carried it back down the mountain.

This year I am prepared to part with Olivia. Maybe.

Should I?

Photos below:
Olivia by the Banks of the Little River.

Olivia by the swinging bridge over Little River.

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