Should you get a Sopranino Ukulele?

Mt. Rainier dwarfs Sopranino: A study in contrast / Thanks to my great photographer!

It was about a year ago that I was at Mt. Rainier National Park.  What a great visit.  Such inspiring views.

From the  few posts I have on the sopranino in Mt. Rainier Park, I  have quite a few people visiting.  I assume they are trying to decide if they should get a sopranino of their own.

Study in Contrast II

If you at all think you would like this tiny ukulele, then you should get one.  It is a great price for a small travel ukulele with a big sound.

Now that I have played and traveled with the sopranino, I don’t know why I even debated having it. If you want one, don’t delay. Get it.  You will really enjoy it.

No, I don’t work for the company and yes, I bought my own sopranino.

I loaned my sopranino to my sister  in hopes that she would discover the joys of playing the ukulele.  But I am going to trade it with another ukulele when I next see her.  I miss the sopranino.  For small hands it is a dream.   For the price it is just right.

The tone and sound is great for such a small ukulele.  There are larger ukuleles that don’t sound quite as good as the sopranino.  This uke is a little charmer.

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10 Responses to Should you get a Sopranino Ukulele?

  1. donna says:

    what brand do you have? I’m thinking of getting one (beginner with VERY small fingers). Have heard you have to tune them higher which is a problem if you’re playing with a group… is that true?



    • jlr7 says:

      Hi Donna
      I bought the Ohana sopranino. I have short fingers — could never get them around a guitar neck and really had trouble with bar chords. The sopranino is tuned re-entrant which is high G, C, E, A. No you don’t have to tune them higher. You would play the same chords as a guitar in a group — except the fingerings are different for the chords. If you have small hands, you’ll love the sopranino.


  2. donna says:

    Thanks for this information. I really appreciate it and think I’ll go ahead and get one (my Christmas present!). Since I’ll be taking group lessons, that tuning business was my big concern. I couldn’t play guitars either due to mouse-paw hands, so I’m glad there’s something for us that isn’t a toy.



  3. Donna says:

    Just ordered it (gulp!)….. I was going to wait a bit but you know that goes…. sigh…..


  4. . matthiuseZekiel . says:

    @Donna: where did you end up purchasing the ohana sopranino… was in search of one to compare it to my kala poCket Ukulele….. && how much is it?

    @jLr7: so we can tune it to GCEA just a higher oCtave? && it sounds pretty decent? What are other tunings that are used w/ the sopranino && the poCket Ukulele?

    . matthiuseZekiel .


    • jlr7 says:

      Hi Matt

      The sopranino is tuned just like the soprano ukulele (and the concert and tenor). The C tuning, GCEA is the same octave or if you prefer to use the D tuning that is ADF#B. My Ohana sopranino (tuned high G,C,E,A) plays loud enough and with a good tone, as a smaller uke would go. The only difference is the fretboard is smaller. This is great for me as I have small hands.


  5. toubisard says:

    I love my Ohana sopranino. I changed the strings in favour of Worth brown strings and have tuned mine to Low G (using a D classical guitar sting) It sounds great.
    So Low G on a Sopranino, what an experiment!


    • UP says:

      Now there’s an interesting experiment. Where can I hear how the wee Ohana sounds with the low G? Or are you willing to send an mp3 and I’ll post the file here on the blog?


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