Made by Hand by Mark Frauenhafer

“Made by hand” a book recently released by Mark Frauenhafer who you know from the “Boing Boing” blog, has been a refreshing read.

The cover of the book shows a guy (is it Mark?) holding a cigarbox guitar.

When I saw the cover and read Seth Godin’s recommend, I immediately bought the book on my Kindle.

But the chapter on Mark’s quest to build cigarbox guitars is not as rewarding a read as his first chapter where he packs his ukulele and family for an attempt to live a stress-free life in paradise.

The DIY (do it yourself) approach is Mark’s creed. I would agree there’s tremendous merit in learning by doing, but I wonder if one can go too far in that direction. Well, I’ll take some time to weigh that thought.

All in all the book is fun and so refreshingly different from most of my reading that I’ve read a couple of chapters twice — to savor yet again.

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