What if it were a Ukulele?

Have you ever wondered how the Hard Rock Cafe would do if they had used a ukulele instead of a guitar?

As I drove by, I thought Yonge Street in Toronto could be so much more attractive — if only it were a ukulele!

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2 Responses to What if it were a Ukulele?

  1. Ron Hale says:

    Well, why not an entire ukulele-themed hotel, then? I think
    it would catch on. Not as much history or quite the number of artifacts as
    rock, perhaps, but enough could be rounded-up. A nice,
    convenient place to meet other players, hear music, shop,
    or just socialize with other players onsite and have some
    non-ukulele fun together offsite. Let’s pitch a plan to Warren, shall we?


  2. jlr says:

    Hey I think you have it. Spend the night or week at Ukulele Cafe. If it’s wired we could get both Warren and Bill G to invest in the startup. We’d invite virtual guest players — Warren gets the weeknight of his choice. Would that not be cool!


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