Ukulele Tab “Pick Waltz” from Bailey’s 1916 Ukulele Solos

Update: January, 2015 — A full version of the book is available on my newer website.  You can also download Pick Waltz as pdf and gp5 file at this site.


While browsing through a local bookstore a few months ago I stumbled upon a real find — that is for someone who enjoys a ukulele perspective.

The book, “The Ukulele as a Solo Instrument, C Notation: A Collection of Ukulele Solos” has a copyright of 1916 with many of the compositions by N.B. Bailey and Keoki E. Awai.  Price back in 1916 was $1.00.  It was a quite a bit more expensive when I bought it ninety-four years later!

Some of the songs appear to have been in an earlier (1914)  N.B. Bailey Book such as Funicula Funicula.  Bailey’s 1914 book was 75 cents.  It seems in two years ukulele music became more costly. Or maybe the book is thicker.

Many of the songs in the book have had more friendly interpretations of them created such as the famous “Aloha Oe” but I have not seen the “Pick Waltz” by Bailey online, so here it is.  Click on the image below to get a pdf that you can print.

“Pick Waltz” is one of those pieces that if/when you master it you know your Ukulele flexibility will have been much improved.

If anyone takes the time to enter it into Guitar Pro, please let me know as we love to have the tabs in our more portable iPhone format of Tab Toolkit.

Update: Thanks to Josh for the gp5 (Guitar Pro 5) format for Tab Toolkit. You can download the gp5 file now.

Enjoy “Pick Waltz”.

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2 Responses to Ukulele Tab “Pick Waltz” from Bailey’s 1916 Ukulele Solos

  1. Josh says:

    Check your email — I just mailed you a gp5 version of this.


    • jlr says:

      Will get it posted. Thanks!! And thanks from all the people who will download it for their iPhones or iPads.


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