Ukulele at Bluegrass Bean Blossom?

Yesterday the 2010 the Bean Blossom Festival in Bean Blossom, Indiana ended.  It is quite the bluegrass affair.

Two years ago I went for a day at the Bean Blossom Festival and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I saw the distinction, via attendees’ reactions, between bluegrass and newgrass — especially when given a choice to voice the song of the day.  Everyone began yelling “Ruuuuuu bbb eeeee” and then Ralph Stanley and his boys sang “Ruby.”

Since I’d never been at a bluegrass festival and this was a spur-of-the-moment decision to attend, I took the one musical instrument I had with me.  My trusty travellin mango flea ukulele. Just in case there was a chance to jam.

I saw banjos, guitars, fiddles, harmonicas, and mandolins — lots of mandolins.  But not another ukulele could be seen.  Of course, the uke is not known for its bluegrass heritage!

I toyed with buying a banjo.  That’s when I saw the signed banjo with Earl Scruggs and Dr. Ralph Stanley’s flourishes.

Resolved to listen and enjoy then return home and return to the ukulele.  The next bonus was that on the way home we drove through Nashville, Indiana where there were two music stores that sold ukuleles.   I did go home with a Bushman tenor.

It’s two years later and I aim to visit Mainland Ukuleles this time.  Who knows what will come of the visit.  I wonder.

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2 Responses to Ukulele at Bluegrass Bean Blossom?

  1. Will Deuel says:

    Try the Red Cedar tenor.


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