Harry Potter Ukulele Tab: When Ginny Kissed Harry

In the room of requirement

When I first saw the Harry Potter movie “The Half-Blood Prince” I knew that at least two of the pieces would be great fun to play on the ukulele.

The first time you hear great music can be quite magical.

So when the theater sound filled with the “Weasely Stomp” and “When Ginny Kissed Harry”  I vowed that I must play both on my ukulele.  They would sound different, of course, but be very fun to play.

And so finally, here was once a tabbed version (pdf) for “When Ginny Kissed Harry” for the ukulele.

It’s a solo voice but if someone writes the accompanying chords for a second ukulele to strum alongside the solo voice, let me know.

If you prefer to upload to Tab Toolkit on your iPhone or iPad, here was once the Guitar Pro 5 version.

Note as of Oct. 6, 2014:  This post was written more than four years ago and the tabs and Guitar Pro 5 version of the song were on my Mac account (the old web.me accounts).  They are long gone, and it seems so were the files that were stored there. I haven’t used Guitar Pro 5 for a couple of years ago because the V. 6 upgrade was so fickle on the newer operating systems I gave up on Guitar Pro.  I did like Tab Toolkit and still have it on my phone, but not this particular song.  So sorry if you have arrived here in 2014 and the links don’t work.  I’ve left the blog up for the good stuff that was here, but some of it just fades away with time.

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