DaSilva’s Update

Just read Mike DaSilva’s update email that he sends out occasionally.  There’s a lot going on out there in Berkeley and San Francisco way.  I have fond memories of my time visiting Berkeley a summer ago.

Mike (aka ukemaker as it says on his car’s plate too) is a fantastic luthier. I say this because I worked with and learned from him while building my first koa ukulele.  What an incredible experience.  It changed my perspective.

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Recently, Mike expanded his ukulele building repertoire by building an archtop ukulele for Mark Gutierrez.  You can see the video review of the Archtop uke on Mark’s blog.

Mike DaSilva looks like he might be headed toward writing a book.  If he compiles all he writes in the upcoming newsletters.  He writes in his newsletter/email, “And finally, I’ve been writing up some of my ideas on the many ukulele building and playing topics that I have run into since I embarked on the humbling journey of becoming a ukulele maker.  I’ll be sharing these musings in upcoming newsletters.   I’ll be offering both general ukulele building and maintenance assistance as well as somewhat technical discussions on topics ranging from what strings to use, how different woods affect the tone of a ukulele, and how to measure and test intonation.  I look forward to this new project, I hope you will too.”

I am sure it will be highly instructive to all of us who love to build ukuleles.

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