Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: 1988 appearance

Thanks to Humble Uker who posted the UOGB playing all three parts of  Ode to Joy.

His post led me to check out the other videos that might have been recently posted for the UOGB. Indeed there are several.  Some of these recently posted videos are  to inspire players for their future trip to New Zealand.

George Hinchliffe, a real innovator, then and now

One video, posted today, Sept. 2, is of a 1988 TV appearance.

Wow. A twenty year perspective.  I wish I had known about them sooner in my life.  They were fantastic then and now.

Hinchliffe and his team are innovators when it comes to the ukulele,  entertaining approaches  and most importantly — people’s perception of the instrument.

The video’s been up an hour and already 100 views.  I can only imagine what it must be like to practice then take your ukulele and go to their concert!

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One Response to Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: 1988 appearance

  1. Ron Hale says:

    George and his mates were bitten by the ukulele bug before most of the rest of us.
    It would have been difficult to have lived anywhere but England in the pre-YouTube days and have been aware of them. And if they seem odd to people today, just imagine how people perceived them when they were starting out.

    Video views are a matter of perspective, of course. One hundred in an hour is impressive up to a point. When I stumbled onto the most recent (at the time, anyway) cover by Julia Nunes, it had 13,000 views in less than one day, and after two days had 23,000 views. The most famous ukulele rendition of
    I’m Yours has 25.7 million views after nine months.


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