Snail Ukulele for Slow Songs?

I stumbled on the blog “S is for Snail” because there was a picture of a snail ukulele.  It’s complete with antennae — or I guess it’s the eyestalk instead of headstock.

The blog itself, devoted to most things snail, has some interesting features.  Move your cursor over the grass at the top, for instance.

But I couldn’t believe there was really a ukulele shaped like a snail.  Does one play it slow?  Only play slow songs on it? How does it sound?  Do you feel sluggish playing?

Snail comes in baritone  or tenor speeds (yes, I know) and is being sold on Etsy for $800.   Celentano Woodworks also makes the apple, pear, and avocado ukulele. You’ve probably also seen Luna’s Dolphin and Kala’s Kiwi and Watermelon ukes.

But really, have you ever seen a snail ukulele before?

Truly unique.

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One Response to Snail Ukulele for Slow Songs?

  1. Ron Hale says:

    I found a video of a Celantano cupcake ukulele and Jeff posted it. I imagine you’ve seen it by now, though. But if not…

    I love the designs of the Luna ukes; I
    have a Kala Kiwi, and in my eyes it’s adorably cute.

    The snail is new to me, though. A bit put-offish to serenade with one, perhaps.


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