I spy with my little eye: Ukulele

Did you know you can get the magazine Premier Guitar as an app on your iPhone or iPad?  Or you could just read the October 2010 issue free online.  The mag is about pedals, guitars, and on occasion a mandolin or other stringed instruments.  I did spy one lone ukulele in the advertisement (below) in the online Oct. 2010 issue.

Maybe it all depends on how you’re tuned.  I didn’t see the Takamine which is what the advertising is for.  I spied the ukulele first.  Did you?  I guess now that I’ve told you, you’ll not miss it.

Did you know in October the magazine is giving away a pedal a day in October?  Could be a Uke-pedal you win during “Stompboxtober“.

And, does anybody know? Would you write “I spy with my little eye a ukulele” or “an ukulele”?  Just wondering.

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2 Responses to I spy with my little eye: Ukulele

  1. Jeff West says:

    Hello Judy the UP:

    I have been getting Acoustic Guitar Magazine and it regularly has advertisements for ukuleles. I think that there’s good technical stuff in the mag. Old songs, new songs, working on different skills.

    Jeff the HU


    • jlr7 says:

      Hi Jeff

      Yes, I do like it too. I find myself moving more and more to reading online mags on my iPad. So I’ll have to check to see if an online version (free is even better) is available.


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