Eric Clapton’s “Run Back to Your Side” was free

On iTunes I download Eric Clapton’s free song “Run Back to Your Side”.  The freebie was to celebrate his new album, “Clapton”.   Of course I downloaded the free song and then looked through all my music to see what Clapton songs I had .  Haven’t listened to him for a looong time.  Rummaging through my music files led to my purchase of an oldie, Clapton’s “Unplugged” live album.

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?   If you give away something free more will come back in return.  Is this like casting digital bread on the waters?

Giving away a free song got me to thinking “Clapton”.  Then I “googled”  to see if there are any Clapton ukulele tabs out there.  Really not too much, but I did find tabs for “Tears in Heaven” with the YT video.

I fully expected to link to the free song for you, but of course — it is no longer free.  Today, it’s the Doobie Brothers free song “Nobody” to celebrate their new album “World Gone Crazy”.  Yes, that could sum it up.

Hmm, haven’t listened to the Doobie Brothers since, ah, a long time.

Wonder if there’s any ukulele tabs out there for the Doobie Brothers?

Wonder what’s free on iTunes celebrating a new album tomorrow?

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