Livescribe new tool: Ukulele Possibilities

What a wonderful educational tool I have discovered.  Livescribe’s new Echo pen has incredible possibilties for education and music.

I have had the new Echo pen for about a month now and tried it in various settings — mostly to make sure I use it correctly.  The pen records audio while you write.  And so for my own experiment, check out my ukulele duet.  The duet is playing the ukulele and drawing/writing with the Echo pen at the same time.  Is that talent or what?

You can watch & listen in full screen mode.  And it is best to watch in the “Hide Preview” mode.  It’s the first button at the bottom right.

What you just watched is called a “pencast” (ah, nice play on podcast).  I just downloaded the free “Pencast Player” to view pencasts on my iPhone and iPad.   It’s good audio and quite legible on my tiny iPhone screen.

This technology astounds me.  It is so tiny and must have incredibly tiny microchips inside it.  I found the New York Times article in the education magazine quite interesting.  If I had not owned the pen (a cool birthday gift!) I would have found it hard to grasp what the pen could do.  But I have taken several notes in various settings using the pen so I believe.

There are a few bugs — such as you’ll notice the left top part of the ukulele looks like it was never drawn. But it was.  The pen has been surprisingly excellent in taking notes.  If I were a student this would be great.

Ostensibly I will use this to help teach — both face-to-face and a distance.  In the meantime, it’s worth experimenting to see what cool ukulele scenarios could evolve with this technology.  It’s interesting how this is changing my perspective on writing (vs. keyboarding) and drawing and how it can be used with the ukulele. What possibilities!

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One Response to Livescribe new tool: Ukulele Possibilities

  1. Ukulelear says:

    This is cool!



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