Spookulele: Take your ukulele out for Hallowe’en

In a week, the ghouls and zombies will be trick or treating.

.  I took my favorite cigarbox ukulele (Punch, with the vine inlay headstock) out for some color shots.

My favorite Hallowe’en song is the “Monster Mash” but Ukisociety says that song is over.  Actually he said, “It’s been a long time since the Monster Mash was a hit. We need a new song.”

In that vein he is holding a contest (announced on Ukulele Underground’s forum) for a replacement song.  You can win a tenor Lanikai by mashing the next Spooky Tune.

All good tunes start with good intentions. Yes, I have the title and a few words scribbled. My song is called, “Spookulele”.  Wonder if I can get it done in time (Oct. 30) for the contest.

Be sure to take your Spookulele out for a strum on Hallowe’en!

Does anybody have or has anybody heard a ukulele duet for Monster Mash?  Let me know.

In the meantime how about a YouTube Mash?

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