Sp’ookulele: An Original Uke Song

According to Ukisociety the songs we submit to his contest might replace “Monster Mash” or at least give us something newer to sing.  Monster Mash is catchy and simple.  That’s what I aimed for. Catchy and simple.

I thought of Ukulear’s grade five students who play the ukulele and all the students I have taught and would be glad to have any of them learning the transitions from the Dm chord to the A7 and playing faster and faster … or slower and slower as it’s likely Zombies do.  There’s also a fair bit of room for improvisation, and almost any kind of voice in the chorus.

I’m a Zombie
And I’m gonna play
You can’t take my Sp’ook away .

We all need to play the Sp’ook.  And perhaps we are all Zombies too. But that would lead me to Jonathan Coulton and that’s a different topic.

It is “Sp’ook” rather than “Spuke” because the latter is far too prosaic for the inspiring ukulele.

The words and chords are here as a pdf – spookulele_words_chords.

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