Ukulele and Beat-Box

As always, reading on the Web can leads one through a tangled Web of information and entertainment.  I forget where I started earlier — ah yes with the new iPhone app called I joined and posted my first picture of my cigarbox uke in the pumpkin patch. has filters you can try before posting your photo to … well Flickr, Facebook, Twitter.  So I had to try the different filters — the black-and-white filter for my “devouring the news” photo, the regular effect for my “perspective photo”, and the intense color effect on the uke in the pumpkins.  I guess instagram is the digital polaroid of the times.

Oddly enough, with Instagram, there isn’t a way to post directly to WordPress blogs.  I imagine I have to wait for to post to Posterous which in turn will post to WordPress (here at Ukulele Perspective).  It gets tricky balancing all these accounts.

From there I had to update a Twitter account — where I saw the announcements of  contests. One  contest is for a new hire for Howcast. Can’t say I’d ever noticed “Howcast” before.   So in watching a Howcast of “how to Beatbox” which was well, entertaining and informative, this in turn led to a search of beatboxing with ukuleles and finally ukulele looping.  Not bad.

Now where did this all start?

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